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Unlike many other construction project management software, InEight’s solutions are built on a single, secure foundation. We help ensure that stakeholders share a single version of the truth across all stages of the project life cycle.

Data is shared among all of our solutions and managed at a core level, providing a secure and scalable environment that houses master data and can easily be adapted to fit organization-specific data structures. We provide consistent access to your master data and allow you to easily connect to other construction industry software.

The InEight software team is comprised of technology specialists and construction industry veterans. Many of our product leaders were recent construction professionals who worked as project managers, project controllers, field engineers, IT managers, and in other key field positions – where the work gets done. Their extensive hands-on experience ensures we create software solutions and services with the same commitment to quality, craftsmanship, timeliness, maintainability and dependability as our customers deliver on their projects. We believe software development is a craft and should follow a few principles to create products our customers love.

Build for Our Users

Although we have construction professionals on our staff, we rely on so much more than just their expertise. Our teams embrace the latest user experience methodologies to learn what our customers want and expect. Our product development team spends a great deal of time with our users on active construction projects to best understand how our tools are used and ensure we build exactly what is needed. Although the work our users do is complex, our goal is for them to be delighted with the user experience of our solutions.

Utilize the Latest Technologies

The problems our tools solve are complex, so we believe in using the right technologies and architecture to enable rapid, flexible and quality delivery. We use a range of trusted cloud-based software platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, and development technologies such as Microsoft .NET, HTML, Java and JavaScript tools. Our technology choices have positioned us to take advantage of the rapid evolution of the technology landscape. This allows us to continue providing the highest quality at the lowest cost for our customers.

Use Agile Processes

Our application teams have adopted the Agile methodology for all aspects of the software life cycle. We believe the constant review and evaluation of what we are building enables us to identify issues early, make midstream changes based on initial feedback and deliver the best possible final solution to our customers.


Modular, Deployable Solutions

Built on a single, secure foundation

reduce unnecessary duplication

and intelligently publish information

Easily Share data between applications


Role-Based Personalized Views and Access

simplified user maintenance with on-the-fly role and permission updates

Secure and scalable Shared Master data

Sound Familiar?

Project Manager

It’s impossible to get visibility into our data across all phases of a project without heavy custom development. Nearly impossible across our portfolio of programs.

IT Leader

Every time we integrate new or existing tools into new business processes, it’s a difficult and tedious process.


Due to the disparate nature of our data, systems and people, it requires significant time to create and maintain an environment where we can access a single and complete view of our operations and investments.