Capital and Contract Management



InEight Change

InEight Change provides every stakeholder with a continuous view into overall project progress or the status of any individual issue to facilitate communication in time to avoid or accommodate potential change orders. InEight Change forecasts implications on budget and profit and assures the correct actions are taken to comply with every approved change. When used with InEight Contract, you also have full access to contract data to mitigate changes in time to avoid putting contracts and subcontracts at risk.


Visibility into Progress and Issues

On-demand reporting surfaces key information exposing project bottlenecks and delays

Track issues and manage change Consistently across the entire portfolio

Instant visibility into the status and progress of each issue

Sound Familiar?

Field Engineer

I need a central place to log issues immediately when I come across them, and easily assign them to contributors. It needs to be mobile and easy to follow up on.

We need an intuitive mobile tool to create issues from either the project office or the field, and then to track issues consistently from project to project.

Project Manager

Managing changes can be extremely time consuming, pulling numerous people away from the work itself. All the relevant information about an issue, such as photos, quotes and e-mails, should be right at my fingertips, so I can instantly create a defensible change order.

Construction Manager

As an owner, we need to know that change is being managed consistently on all projects. We need a standard tool that provides confidence that project growth and risk are being communicated and addressed in the same way.